Want to reduce your sourcing cost? We are your sourcing staff in China!

We help you buy directly from reliable China manufacturing companies

Meet our Company

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Shanghai YiZu International Trading is a Chinese trading company located in Songjiang, Shanghai. We have 3 years of purchasing experience. We’re a trading specialist in China. We will source goods made in China, from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Hangzhou and Yiwu manufacturers and suppliers. 

List of our services

Guide the customer to the right market and arrange a visit to the factory from A to Z

Sign the contracts

Products quality inspection

Prepare the products for shipping

Options for Buying Products from China without Our Service

1. On your own by a Chinese E-Commerce website

This is full with risk because, in spite of how much those sites title they filter out “the bad eggs,” it’s hopeless for them to check them all. Unless you’re meeting with them face to face, you have no way of knowing if the entity on the other end is a trading company, factory, or a guy in his apartment who’s out to take your money and run. A trading company may not have a good factory available and may just be fishing for customers. Or you could be talking to a factory without the capability to make your product as needed. Over the years, we’ve encountered all three of the above scenarios when sourcing product for our customers. We’ve also had customers tell us they traded emails with a vendor from an e-commerce site who then disappeared. We’ve heard stories of where they were the victim of a “hit and run,” where the Chinese vendor vanished after money was sent. One customer told me he paid a 60% deposit, then the Chinese vendor disappeared.

2. Look for Chinese Manufacturers
on Google

The problem with this approach is that: •There are many factories in China who don’t have a website. •Some factories in China who do have an online presence are only written only in Chinese, or, if they’re in English, are crude and won’t give you a true impression of their capabilities. •Some websites are a scam. One website we looked at was professionally made and well written in English. When our partner company in China went to visit the “company,” their building turned out to be an apartment complex. •As with the e-commerce sites, it can be difficult to tell if you’re working with a first-class factory, a small factory with limited equipment and capabilities, a trading company or a scam artist.

3. Go to a trade show

This is a hit or miss proposition at best, and again, you won’t know if the Chinese vendor can do what they promise until later. Years ago I gave an Asian supplier I met at a trade show a chance at quoting an order. Their booth was professionally done, and their personnel spoke good English. First impressions are a big deal in Western countries so I thought it would be worth giving them a try. The experience was a nightmare. After they submitted their quote, which was competitive, the customer signaled they were ready to place an order. I asked the supplier to confirm their prices once more to make sure there were no issues – and they doubled the prices of both the parts and tooling.

Here’s the bottom line

Shanghai International trading

In a country of more than 1.4 billion like China, where Eastern culture and thinking are immensely different than that of Western Culture, the best way to know if you’re dealing with a viable source, is to meet them face to face.

Finding a trustworthy, qualified factory requires knowledge of the business culture, how and where to look for finding a good factory.

If you still don’t want to meet them face to face and stay in your country, we can still help you with our other company called CreateFinder.com