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Guide the customer to the right market and arrange a visit to the factory from A to Z

Procument processs - Shangai YiZu International trading

Starting by receiving the quote and contact the right supplier for the client, to shipping documents going throw all the processes in between including arrange the visit to the factory, booking flights and hotels.

When customers want to purchase products in China, they will send us the specifications, quantity, packaging and other information requirements of the products to find out exactly what the customers want and the accurate quotation

Some customers have a variety of products. Their products are related to bags, knitting and other kinds of products. Usually, they have less quantity of each product, so sourcing products can be more suitable for them. Some customers specialize in a category of products such as machinery and equipment then we will find the right manufacturer for them through the examination of quality(required), service, price and other aspec

When we think that the products and factories we find are suitable for the customer’s needs, we will give the customer a quotation.

If the customer thinks the price is acceptable, we make a Proforma Invoice and send it to the customer to arrange the deposit and let factory arrange the samples for us. If the customer thinks the price is not acceptable, we will ask the customer to give his target price and re-seek factories.

Sign contracts

We sign the contracts with the factories on behalf of our clients to make sure that everything goes as asked for and as smooth as possible.

Our relationships. In China “who you know” often determines whether you succeed or fail in business. This concept is so much a part of the Chinese business culture that they even have a name for it: guanxi.

Guanxi/Relationships takes years of hard work, knowledge of the culture, trips to China and patience to develop and it’s critical to do business there. We’ve been working with our trading partners in China for more than 6 years, and have built our relationships on honesty, hard work and trust.

Product inspection

When the samples are confirmed by customer, we will send order contract to factories in customer’s requirements. According to the delivery date, we will inspect the quality of products depend on customer’s requirements. If there is any quality problem, we will immediately feedback to the customers.

After the inspection is qualified, the customer pays off the balance, and we arrange proper logistics delivery to the customer (as required).

If the goods fail to pass the inspection, we will negotiate with the factory and customer to find a solution acceptable to everyone to solve the problem. Finally, the goods will be delivered smoothly.

We do four phases of inspections to avoid any extra financial cost or time delay:

Pro QC inspects first-article samples prior to volume production. This verifies that product specifications are being met and avoids unnecessary re-engineering work later.

These on-site inspections evaluate samples of your products selected during the manufacturing process. This confirms the quality of your product and allows any necessary changes to be addressed early on, reducing rework time and costs.

During a pre-shipment inspection, our engineers verify that finished goods conform to your specifications. For example, if an Automotive Product or Auto Part Inspection is required, we would request your specifications and golden samples in advance and use them to ascertain the quality of the products produced at your supplier.

Pro QC ensures that proper methods are employed during product loading, and we verify counts on-site.

Container loading and shipping documents

Some products require specific preparation/packing in order to ensure that items are delivered in the best condition. Prep guidance is provided as part of the Prepare Products step when you create a shipment. You can also request that we do the prep for you for a per-item fee.

After the goods are shipped, we will send the official seal of the invoice, packing list and bill of lading to the customer for customs clearance.

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